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House League Registration Information

House League registrations end Monday March 28th for the Under 15 (2007-2009) and Under 18 (2004-2006) age groups and April 5th for the younger age groups.

  • Our youngest age group is Under 4. Kids must be born in 2018 to be eligible for this age group. Sorry, we don't offer programs for kids born in 2019 and younger.
  • We offer all girls programming (if desired) for girls born in 2015 and older.
  • For kids born between 2004-2008 we no longer have in-town House League. They will now be in the Lakeshore League and play teams from the surrounding area (Markdale, Kincardine, Port  Elgin, Walkerton, Saugeen Shores, etc). The season ends with a final league tournament on a weekend in August (date TBD).
  • For those born in 2009, we have extended our oldest in-town House League to be Under 13 (2009-2011) so those kids have the option of playing either Under 15 Lakeshore or Under 13 in-town House League.
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Age Divisions and Days of Play

These may be subject to change after we review our registration numbers, but we will do our best to keep to these dates and times. Please email if you have any questions regarding what may be the best option for your child.

Division Game Day Game Time(s)


Under-4 Mixed (2018) Saturday 10:00am $70
Under-5 Mixed (2017) Wednesday 6:00pm $125
Under-6 Mixed (2016) Tuesday 6:00pm $125
Under-7 Mixed (2015) Monday 6:00 & 7:15pm $125
Under-8 Mixed (2014) Thursday 6:00 & 7:15pm $125
Under-8 Girls (2014/2015) Tuesday 6:00pm $125
Under-10 Mixed (2012/2013) Wednesday 6:00 & 7:15pm $125
Under-10 Girls(2012/2013) Tuesday 7:15pm $125
Under-13 Mixed (2009-2011) Tuesday 6:00 & 7:15pm $140
Under-13 Girls (2009-2011) Tuesday 6:00pm $140
Under- 18 Coed Rec (2004-2008) Thursday 6:00 or 7:15pm $140
Lakeshore League      
Under-15 Boys (2007-2009) Wednesday   $160
Under-15 Girls (2007-2009) Wednesday   $160
Under-18 Girls (2004-2006) Tuesday   $160